Friday 1st Feb – Sunday 3rd Feb


Summer Camp is for any and all youth and Young Adults from 11 years (or year 7) up. 
We are praying, planning and preparing for a life changing time that will include individual break out sessions for your age group, as well as endless amounts of fun and food. We know you will be blessed – sign up today!

Registrations open this Friday at your campus at 3:30pm. You will be signed in, allocated your dorm and have a chance to eat some pizza before we jump on the Buses.

The Buses are leaving : North Shore at 5pm &  Mt Wellington at 5pm

We return from camp by 5pm on Sunday, but our last camp session is the 6:30pm Night service at your campus. We will be having a special prayer time for every young person who went to camp!

If you are wondering what to bring here is our recommended packing list:

. 🏊‍♂️ TOGS – think camp, not beach!
. 🍪 HOME BAKING – hand in at rego table!


If you have special medical requirements such as asthma inhaler or regular medication, please bring these to the sign in and our medical first aider will keep these on hand.

If you have any urgent queries before or during camp please contact one of the people listed below:

National Youth & Young Adults Directors:
Joe Manase: 021 065 2926 Racquel Manase: 021 108 7776

Mt Wellington Youth Leaders:
Folau Liava’a: 021 061 7911   Lucy Liava’a: 021 235 3713  Jacob Rangvanu: 021 292 7206

North Shore Youth Leaders:
Nic Robertson:  027 857 5718  Holly Robertson: 021 155 6300

West Auckland Youth Leader:
Daniel Tankard: 021 110 8164

Or alternatively e-mail: